Children's Subject Headings List

About the List

The Swedish Institute for Children’s Books has the formal and national responsibility for developing and administrating a controlled subject headings list for children's and youth literature, and forms the board of the children's subject headings list. The editorial board collaborates with Svenska ämnesord (Swedish subject headings) at the National Library of Sweden as well as a reference group consisting of participants from various organizations from different parts of Sweden.


Det finns en lathund med riktlinjer för indexering av barn- och ungdomslitteratur. I lathunden finns även mer information om arbetet med barnämnesorden. Alla barnämnesord går att hitta i Svenska ämnesords databas

Suggestions for Subject Headings and Other Questions

Would you like to add a subject heading to the list? Send your proposal to the editorial board of the children's subject headings list. Please note that all new subject headings must be linked to an existing book. Please include the book's title and the name of the author in your proposal. You are also welcome to contact us if you have other questions about the children's subject headings or the indexing of children's and youth literature. 



Four times a year we send out newsletters (in Swedish) about new subject headings, tips and advice on indexing children's and youth literature, and other information.