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About Our Collections

The Swedish Institute for Children’s Books has two large collections. One consists of children's and youth literature and the other of theoretical literature. There are also several special collections that include donations of older material. All of our collections are searchable in our library catalogue. We also house the publishing archive of the publication series Barnbiblioteket Saga.  


Bibliotekets samling av barn- och ungdomslitteratur bygger på donationer. Vi samlar aktivt in all ny barn- och ungdomslitteratur utgiven i Sverige.

Biblioteket tar även emot gåvor och donationer av äldre barn- och ungdomslitteratur if they fill gaps in the collections. The library reserves the right to make its own selection from the material and to thin the received donation.  Always contact the library before sending or leaving a donation.

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If you need help searching our catalogue, please contact our library.