Journals and databases

The library subscribes to approximately 40 printed journals. Some of these are also available as e-journals for users visiting the library. Our catalogue also includes a number of open access e-journals that anyone can access. Articles and individual chapters in anthologies/collections on a particular topic can be found in our catalogue with the help of subject headings from our subject headings list for theoretical literature. 

Artiklar kan även sökas i databasen retriever. I Retriever finns artiklar i fulltext från flertalet svenska dagstidningar. Databasen finns endast tillgängliga i biblioteket.

E- tidskrifter

Fritt tillgängliga

Barnboken: Journal of Children's Literature Research 
A scholarly Open Access journal that publishes academic articles on children’s literature. 
Freely available 2005-

Basar Mazarin
Nättidskrift för barn- och ungdomslitteratur och illustrationer/bildkonst. 
Fritt tillgänglig

BLFT: Barnelitterært forskningstidsskrift/Nordic Journal of Childlit Aesthetics
Freely available 2010-

Children’s Literature in English Language Education
A bi-annual, comprehensively peer-reviewed online journal for scholars, teacher educators and practitioners involved in using and researching children’s literature in the field of English learning as a second, additional or foreign language.

Interjuli: Internationale Kinder- und Jugendliteraturforschung
Fritt tillgänglig 2009-2016

Libri & Liberi
Freely available 2012-

MERA – Finlandssvensk tidskrift som riktar sig till läsare i alla åldrar som intresserar sig för barn- och ungdomslitteratur.
Fritt tillgänglig

The Looking Glass: New Perspectives on Children's Literature 
Freely available 2001-

The Window: The Journal of the International Library of Children's Literature (in Japanese)
Freely available 2001-

1000 und 1 Buch 
Freely available 1986-1998

Available at the Swedish Institute for Children's Books

Children's Literature in Education
Available at the institute 1970-

Horn Book magazine
Tillgänglig på Sbi

International Research in Children's Literature
Available at the institute 2008-

Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures 
Available at the institute 2009-

Available at the institute 1997-


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