Book Tasting 2021

The Book Tasting 2021 starts on April 14. The written report on the 2020 publication of children's and young adult literature will be presented. A short summary in English will be available. Live-streamed lectures will be held by Sbi and invited guest lecturers. Please note that all lectures will be held in Swedish. 

Important dates

February 24

This year's guest lecturers are announced

March 24

The program for the lectures is released

April 14 9.00

The annual report is presented

April 14 13.00

Live-streamed lecture - overview of the children's and young adult books of 2020

April 21 9.00

Live-streamed lecture with guest lecturer

April 28 9.00

Live-streamed lecture with guest lecturer

The lectures are live-streamed and open for all. More information on how to attend is to come. Keep up to date through our newsletter, pressroom and social media!

The lectures will be also available on UR play, Sbi play and broadcasted on SVT after April 28.

The Book Tasting is arranged with the support of the City of Stockholm.

Previous Reports

All Book Tasting reports since 1993 can be found on the archive page. 

Bokprovningen, logga


Lillemor Torstensson
Public relations officer