Book Tasting 2022

On April 5, the Swedish Institute for Children's Books presents Book Tasting 2022. It consists of a written report (in Swedish) on the children's and young adult books published in Sweden in 2021 and digital lectures (in Swedish). Book Tasting 2022 is open to all. The lectures will be recorded by UR Samtiden. An English translation of selected texts from the report will be available later in the spring.


5 april

Book Tasting lecture
Vad hände i utgivningen 2021? Statistik, teman och analyser

Föreläsare: Kajsa Bäckius
Plats: Zoom

6 april

Book Tasting lecture
Barn och bovar: Kriminella roller i barn- och ungdomsboksutgivningen 2021

Föreläsare: Mårten Sandén
Plats: Zoom

7 april

Book Tasting lecture
Tigermammor och tröttsjuka: Närvarande och frånvarande föräldrar i 2021 års bilderböcker

Föreläsare: Malin Nauwerck och Tuva Haglund
Plats: Zoom

The lectures are live-streamed and open to all. Keep up to date through our pressroom, social media and newsletter.

The Book Tasting is arranged with support from the City of Stockholm.

Previous Reports

All Book Tasting reports since 1993 can be found on the archive page. 

Presenters 2022

Mårten Sandén, author
Tuva Haglund, researcher
Malin Nauwerck, researcher
Kajsa Bäckius, librarian at Sbi


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