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About the Astrid Lindgren Code

Astrid Lindgren holds a unique position within world literature, yet her enigmatic creative process has for many years been hidden in her impenetrable original drafts and manuscripts written in shorthand. Altogether, 670 shorthand notepads are in the possession of the Astrid Lindgren Archive and the Swedish Institute for Children's Books. These manuscripts have been considered “impossible” to access and have to date never been subject to research.

I projektet ”Astrid Lindgren-koden” sammanförs kompetenser från litteraturvetenskap, datavetenskap och professionell stenografi för att tolka Lindgrens stenogram genom digitala metoder, framför allt handskriven textigenkänning (HTR) och medborgarforskning, där stenografikunniga personer kommer inbjudas att delta genom tänktalko (crowdsourcing).

Our aim is to produce new knowledge of world-renowned author Lindgren through the first study of her original manuscripts, and contribute to the methodological development of the analysis of handwritten documents.

This three-year project (2020–2022) is based at the Swedish Institute for Children's Books and is funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ). 

Malin Nauwerck with the shorthand notepads containing The World's Best Karlson (1968), donated to Mary Ørvig and the Swedish Institute for Children's Books by Astrid Lindgren.

Which Lindgren Books Will Be Studied?

The project aims to address Lindgren's creative process more generally, but will initially focus in particular detail on The Brothers Lionheart and The World's Best Karlson. Other works by Lindgren may also be relevant for the project in the future.

The Melin System of Shorthand

The Melin shorthand is based on the German system Gabelsberger and is the only shorthand system used to any greater extent in Sweden. Lindgren learned to write shorthand during the 1920s as part of her secretary training at the Bar-Lock Institute. The system is phonetic, and is based on the frequency of sounds in the Swedish language.

You can find out more on the website of the Melin Society of Shorthand.

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Are You a Fan of Lindgren’s Work?

…or do you know how to write shorthand? We would like to take advantage of your competence! During 2021, the Astrid Lindgren Code will launch a platform for crowdsourcing where we decipher Lindgren’s manuscripts together. If you are interested in joining our crowdsourcing activities, please send an email to .