Illustration: Jenny Jansson

Project Participants

Malin Nauwerck

Malin Nauwerck
Project leader Malin Nauwerck holds a PhD in comparative literature/literary sociology from Uppsala University. She has previously worked in the newspaper and publishing industry, with a particular interest in children’s literature. The Astrid Lindgren Code is her post doc-project.


Foto på Anders Hast

Anders Hast
Anders Hast is professor in computerised image processing at Uppsala University. In his recent research he has focused on computer vision and image processing, especially for applications in microscopy, aerial photography, and handwritten text recognition.


Foto på Britt Almström

Britt Almström
Britt Almström (now retired) has many years experience as a stenography teacher and parlamentary secretary. She has made an inventory of the 660 shorthand notepads which are held at the Astrid Lindgren Archive at the National Library in Stockholm.

Foto på Karolina Andersdotter

Karolina Andersdotter
Bibliotekarie på Uppsala universitetsbibliotek med inriktning mot studie- och forskningsstöd samt doktorand i informationsvetenskap vid Åbo Akademi. Arbetar inom projektet med crowdsourcing/tänktalko.


Foto på Raphaela Heil

Raphaela Heil
PhD student in Computerised Image Processing, Uppsala university.