Barnbiblioteket Sagas arkiv

About the Project

In the project The Barnbiblioteket Saga Archive: Mapping and Visualization of a Swedish Children's Book Series (1899-1970) the importance of the Swedish publication series Barnbiblioteket Saga is examined.

Initiated by school teachers in the late 19th century, the publication series Barnbiblioteket Saga was one of the most ambitious and extensive reading promotion projects ever undertaken in Sweden. In the 1960s and 1970s, the Saga archive was transferred to the Swedish Institute for Children's Books.

The overall purpose of the project is to make available and conduct research on the collection and the archive. Central questions are: What negotiations and mediation processes did a literary work have to pass through before reaching the child one hundred years ago? Which institutions and agents are involved? How is this literary heritage managed and preserved, and for whom? How can digitization strategies be developed so as to make the archive accessible for both researchers, children, and the general public? The project aims to develop a strategy for digitizing the collection and as well as to conduct research on the creation, administration, and mediation of this cultural heritage of children's literature.

12 forskare från åtta svenska universitet och högskolor deltar i projektet.  Projektet administreras av Sbi. Medel för förberedande arbete har tilldelats från Lärarstiftelsen, Anérstiftelsen, Åke Wibergs Stiftelse och Magnus Bergvalls Stiftelse.

Participating Researchers

Maria Andersson - Stockholm University
Anne Banér - Stockholm University
Ulf Boëthius - Stockholm University
Elina Druker - Stockholm University
Martin Hellström - Linnaeus University
Lena Kåreland - Uppsala University
Sara Kärrholm - Lund University
Eva Nordlinder - Mid Sweden University
Björn Sundmark - Malmö University
Åsa Warnqvist - The Swedish Institute for Children’s Books
Olle Widhe - University of Gothenburg
Magnus Öhrn - Stockholm University

Research Manager

Åsa Warnqvist - The Swedish Institute for Children’s Books