The solar cat scholarship is given to Lisa Källström at Lund University

On the occasion of Astrid Lindgren's birthday, the Swedish Children's Book Institute today announces the scholarships that have been awarded funds from the Astrid Lindgren Foundation The Cat.

Solkatten Fellowship
The large Solkatten scholarship of SEK 40,000 is given Lisa Källström at Lund University. This spring, Lisa is defending a photo-rhetorical study of cover images for the Pippi books in Sweden and Germany. She will use the scholarship to conduct further studies on how Pippi has been illustrated in an international context. The study will be conducted at the Department of Educational Studies at the University of Ghent.


Short-Term Grants
Short-term grants of SEK 10,000 each for work in the Swedish Children's Book Institute's collections have been awarded to the following researchers without mutual arrangement:

Nina Goga, professor at the University of Western Norway, Norway. In his project, Goga studies Swedish fact books for children and young people published between 2010 and 2019/2020. Among other things, she will look at central themes such as climate, environment, ecology and natural science.

Laura Members, PhD student at the University of Helsinki, Finland. She is in the final stages of the work on her doctoral dissertation on adaptation norms and the effects of adaptation on the production of girls in translations of girl books from English to Swedish and Finnish 1945-1965.

Lena Manderstedt, senior lecturer at Luleå University of Technology. In her ongoing research project, she maps and analyzes horse books from 1965 onwards, focusing on location, identity and (girl) power.

For more information about the Solkatten and the short-term scholarships, please contact the Swedish Children's Books Institute's research leader Åsa Warnqvist (

The decision-making group includes Professor Maria Andersson, Stockholm University, Professor Elina Druker, Stockholm University, Associate Professor Magnus Öhrn, Stockholm University, Dr. Åsa Warnqvist, Swedish Children's Book Institute, and Annika Lindgren, Solkatten.