About us

Welcome to the Swedish Institute for Children's Books. We serve as a hub for research and discussion on children's and youth literature. Founded in 1965, we strive to strengthen the status of children's books and to increase the knowledge of children's and youth literature. 

About Us

We wish to stimulate a broad and open discussion about literature, and we strive to strengthen the status and increase the competence of all who work with children's literature and culture. We do so by initiating research projects, arranging conferences, workshops, seminars, and other events. We also publish articles and reviews as well as a monograph series, and communicate research through newsletters and social media.

We actively participate in the ongoing conversation about children's and youth literature by holding lectures, engaging in discussions and debates, visiting politicians and authorities, and sharing our knowledge in media. We also collaborate with other actors in the field, both nationally and internationally.

In our research library, researchers, students, and others can take part of our large collection of children's books as well as one of the largest collections of theoretical literature within the field. Our collections also include several special collections and other archive material. What makes the Swedish Institute for Children's Books unique is the research environment we can offer, our extensive knowledge, and the accessibility of the literature.


Svenska barnboksinstitutet är en självständig stiftelse. Ordföranden tillsätts av regeringen.

Verksamheten finansieras med ett grundbidrag från Utbildningsdepartementet samt stöd från bland andra Riksbankens jubileumsfond, Vetenskapsrådet, Region Stockholm, Lärarstiftelsen och Kulturrådet.


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The Swedish Institute for Children's Books
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